The International Guitar Festival of Great Britain is very proud to have some very loyal Ambassadors that support and promote the festival throughout the world.

The relationship with these Ambassadors over many years have helped to elevate the international status of the festival amongst experienced and up and coming musicians.

Martin Taylor,
Woody Mann,
John Williams,
John Etheridge,
Galina Vale,
Brendan McCormack,
Lucky Ranku,
Esmond Selwyn,
Gary Murphy.

International Guitarist, Martin Taylor MBE accepts invitation to become Patron of the International Guitar Festival of Great Britain.

Described as "THE acoustic guitarist of his generation" by America's Acoustic Guitar Magazine, Martin Taylor has established a unique career as an internationally acclaimed guitarist, and his inimitable style has seen him recognised as the world's foremost exponent of solo jazz guitar playing.

Rob Smith, Festival Director for International Guitar Festival of Great Britain says:

"I was looking through the archive of the International Guitar Festival of Great Britain and came across our first Festival programme from 1989 and saw the entry that reads... 'In Concert' MARTIN TAYLOR. An evening of solo Jazz Guitar... understated I guess, but we tended to be brief in those days!

Although we were hopeful that the Festival would be successful and put Wirral on the map, I don't think that we were quite prepared for the enthusiasm of the players, audiences and journalists in supporting what we were trying to achieve. Although Wirral may not have sprung to mind at that time as a host of one of our major music festivals it certainly does now! Since 1989 we have welcomed hundreds of players from all over the world to perform at our Festival and they have been the greatest ambassadors and supporters of the work that we do recommending this Festival as a great gig to play to other musicians and the industry.

And this is the reason I have opened this piece with the reference to Martin Taylor. From day one Martin has become a great friend and advocate for this Festival. He has performed for us most years and produced a series of concerts that has been nothing short of spellbinding. He has brought many different configurations of performers for us including duos, trios, quartets and Spirit of D'jango showcasing the versatility and virtuosity of Martin's talent. The Festival has always been a celebration of the guitar reflecting the breadth of global styles and range of combinations from solo guitarist, through bands to guitar and orchestra and quality of the Festival has always been paramount.

Martin is synonymous with quality and I pride myself that we present a quality Festival both to audiences and players alike.

It now gives me the greatest pleasure to announce that Martin Taylor has agreed to accept my invitation to become the Patron of the International Guitar Festival of Great Britain in recognition of the five star contribution he has made to this Festival, and to the world of music."

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